Opportunity to Lead

Welcome to high school…. want to help run the place? 🙂 Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but student council does a lot for our school, and they need your help!

Uncle Sam

During class this week, you will be given the opportunity to nominate yourself for one of the 7th grade elected offices: president, vice-president, secretary, or one of the two student council spots. Once I compile the nominations, we will vote. Your responsibilities will include attending meetings with the other grades’ officers throughout the year, helping plan Homecoming (skit, parade float, etc.), and helping out with school events. This is a great group of students; I highly encourage your participation!

When voting, what qualities do you look for? What makes a good leader? What are some examples of good leaders?

What Should I Bring??

school_supplies1Wondering what to buy for school supplies? Here is a summary of what you should bring with you to 7th grade this year. ALL classes require pen, pencil, textbook, and PLANNER! Planners will be distributed in English class on the first day.


* 1 inch 3-ring binder (I hole punch everything for you!)

* Paper for inside the binder or a notebook

*Book Cover (new textbooks this year!)

Social Studies/US History:

*Notebook used for social only

*Folder or trapper keeper


* Music and Instrument

* Supplies such as oil, reeds, etc.

Tech. Ed



* Erasers and extra lead

* Notebook

* Folder

* Scientific Calculator (available for $10 from Mrs. Arneson)

That’s all I have for now! I hope this helps! See you tomorrow!

Mrs. L 🙂

7th Grade Orientation

welcome 2016

There appeared to be a fantastic turn out at orientation Tuesday night! If you couldn’t attend, here is a short summary of what you missed:

Mr. Urness started off the evening by welcoming everyone and introducing the staff. Staff members shared about what to expect in their classes, supplies needed, and some basic expectations. Keep watch for a future post for a list of supplies that you’ll need for each class!

mr urness

Mr. Urness also stressed the importance of organization. I can assure you, we will work on this a lot! Planners will be handed out in English class during the first week. Most 7th grade teachers require daily usage of these planners.

Mr. Reaves, our new high school principal, also had a lot of great advice and things to share. “Come see us with any questions or concerns- anytime!” was his message to students. He also stressed the importance of athletics and explained that it’s not too late to sign up.  Brochures were handed out highlighting all of the opportunities that are available to you. Keep watch for a post on that as well!

mr reaves

A helpful hint that he gave was to take your lock home before school starts to practice the combination. If you are in Mrs. Glassman’s PE class, you can purchase a gym lock for $4.00 from the office and use it all through high school.

Mr. Nelson, the assistant principal, works directly with students and families to insure a positive school environment. He expects students to be kind and respectful to one another and is always glad to help if there is an issue! 

mr nelson

Mr. Nelson helped organize a group of students to assist in the hallways during the first days of school.  They can help you with your locker, where to go for a class, or any other question or concern you may have. Please don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance; they are great students! The will have bright green shirts on with “Rams Helping Students” on the front.


It was great to see and meet so many of you last night! For those of you that had to miss, we’ll see you soon!!

Mrs. L 🙂

Follow up: How has 7th grade been so far? What surprised you about high school? Was it what you expected?

Your First Assignment!

Well, it’s more of a request, not an assignment! At the beginning of the past two school years, I’ve had a bulletin board in my classroom dedicated students’ summer photos. It’s been a lot of fun. 🙂 The first year that students participated, it looked like this:


Now, it’s your turn! The board is empty again….

Let's fill it up!

Let's fill it up!

Pick a photo that represents what you did this summer. It’s not to late to take one either! 🙂 Did you vacation? Participate in the fair? Hang out with friends? You may email it to me or bring me a copy. (I will print them for you if you email them.) Participation is voluntary; no pressure!

You can also comment below if you’d like to share more about what you did this summer.

See you at orientation or the first day of school!

Mrs L 🙂