Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello students!

Here is a little history of Thanksgiving for you to watch:


What did you learn? Any surprising facts?

Have you ever felt strongly about something, the way that Sarah Hale did?

What are your traditions? What do you eat? Do you travel? Watch football? Shop?

Mrs. L 🙂


11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. That was a very interesting video. I didn’t know that there was a shopping month for Christmas.

  2. Hi Mrs.Lundquist, I love thanksgiving because I like the food and the drinks. The other reason is our family gets together and our cousins to. BYE

  3. I travel to Wannaska. I eat turkey, mash potatoes, and gravy. I watch most of the football game that’s on.

  4. I love Thanksgiving!! My family usally goes to my grandma’s or goes to one one my aunts! We eat lots of things but, my favorite is lefsa:) And we sometimes go shopping on black Friday!

  5. Lefsa!!! Yum! You’re making me hungry, Brianna! I had a neighbor in Duluth that would always bring us lefse each year. It turns out that she was from Badger! I’m glad that I was introduced to it as a child, otherwise, I may not have learned to love it. 🙂

  6. Mrs. Lundquist,
    I have a really big family on my mom’s side, my grandma had 14 kids! So thanksgiving is really huge, because I have lots of aunts and uncles, and so many cousins. Usually on thanksgiving I eat turkey, mashed potatoes (which is the usual meal at my grandma’s house), vegetables, venison from hunting season, and many different kinds of breads and desserts. There is lefse, flatbread, buns, pie, and much more. I have a lot of younger cousins too, so they can really be a handful, but they can be really fun to play with and watch. There usually is a group of people watching football also. That’s what I do on Thanksgiving.

  7. Brianna,
    I LOVE lefse! I had a neighbor in Duluth that made it every year. It turns out she is from Badger! I took a class on how to make it, but I do not have any of the equipment.
    Mrs. L 🙂

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