Baby Boy Lundquist is here!

Hello students!

Pattridge Leroy made his appearance right on his due date, April 26, 2011. Ridge weighed in at 8 pounds! So many of you were soooo close in our weight guessing contest. Before I announce the winners, here is a picture:


Isn’t he cute??? Okay, okay… on to the important stuff… 🙂

Drum roll please…. The winners are those that predicted “boy” and had the closest weight….

4th hour: Raven and Reilly who both guessed 7 lbs 15 oz. (one ounce off!)

5th hour: Bailey and Dorothy who both guessed 8 lbs 2 oz.

6th hour: MASON!!! He guessed 8 lbs… nice job!!!!! (An extra prize for that perhaps?)

7th hour: Dylan H. with a guess of 8 lbs 1 oz and Dylan M. with a guess of 7lbs 15oz.

Nice job, everyone!

Well, students, enjoy Tom Sawyer!!!! I hear that Mrs. Sallberg is already impressed with you, and that makes me very proud. Ridge and I will be by to visit soon! (…and, yes, I’ll bring the prizes!) 🙂


Mrs. L 🙂