Adjectives and Adverbs!


 Since returning from holiday break, we have been learning about adjectives and adverbs. We have enjoyed watching the following videos:

Students, to review for the test this week, visit the following sites:

Adjective and Adverb Millionaire

What is an Adverb? (activity at the bottom)

Millionaire: Adverbs

Battleship: Adverbs

Adjective Quiz

Battleship: Adjectives

Preposition or Adverb?

Adjective or Adverb?

Adjective or Adverb?  #2

These games are great, but don’t forget about your textbook and notes!

Here is a great example of adjective usage! Which adjectives would YOU use to describe yourself?


Mrs. L 🙂

39 thoughts on “Adjectives and Adverbs!

  1. I would describe myself as an active person, because I play 3 different sports, tall, and responsible.

  2. I think that you should put more of the videos and games on the blog they are fun to play and help us practice the skills you teach.

  3. The words I would describe myself as would have to be these.



    Quirky/Different – because I choose to be

  4. I would describe myself as 3 things: athletic, funny, and trustworthy. Oh and also a cupcake lover ( even thought thats not an adjective). 🙂

  5. I would have to say 3 adjectives that describe me is?
    1. Funny
    2. Happy
    3. Athletic
    And just because I’m bored I’m going to say 3 nouns i like to do.
    1. Agressive skate/Skateboard
    2. Football
    3. Hangout

  6. Nice adjectives everyone! 🙂
    Three adjectives that describe me are:
    1. Trustworthy
    2. Unique
    3. Funny

  7. Those games are really fun! They help me study. The adjectives and adverbs are kind of hard but when I play the games, the games help me allot. I think we should do this before every test this year.

  8. I would have to say I can’t think of what descibes me. Some people think that these words describe me.

  9. Adverbs that would describe me are pretty every one of those except flexible and zany… what ever that is. Haha! Seriuosly does anyone know what zany is?

  10. I also forgot to say….”extra-special” One of my very close friends said that one! 🙂

  11. I would describe myself as athletic, creative, and quiet. And Jayden I am right with you on the cupcakes!! 🙂

  12. Mrs. L I realy like the videos and think you should post more and a few more games. I like the one about adverbs and adjectives the most.

  13. Devin,
    You’ve always loved those videos! When I post them, I literally think, “Devin is going to think this is great!” I thought Mr. Morton was your favorite though!
    Mrs. L 🙂

  14. The things I would describe myself is awesome, beautiful, brave, caring, fun, hardworking, helpful, imaginative, intelligent, kind, likeable, nice, open-minded, positive, resourceful, responsible, sharp, thoughtful, trustworthy, tolerant, unique, unselfish, wise, wonderful, and flexible.

  15. 3 adjectives I would use to describe myself would be
    1. FUN!
    3.ACTIVE! 🙂

  16. 3 ways to describe me are…

    3.crazy/wild as Kerstin J. describes me 🙂

  17. 3 adjectives that describe me are…..

    3. Wild as Sabrina R. describes me!:)

  18. I liked all the games and music on the blog. The one I liked the most was the battleship game on adverbs because it help me understand what adverbs are.

  19. I really like the games too because they help me study for tests,quizes, and also just for fun! 🙂 !I also like the videos because they help all of us learn more about what ever we need to know for a test or a quiz! I like the videos also because they are very funny and cute! 🙂 !
    I would describe myself as

  20. Jaydi I like your cupcake lover one, that made me laugh! I’d have say three words that describe me are: Happy,odd,and curious.

  21. Like Erik K. I think that every word on that list describes me. Erik the word zany means clownish so it does describe you.

  22. I would describe myself with these 3 adjectives!

    1. CURIOUS



  23. Good adjectives everybody! 🙂 Here are 5 adjectives that describe me.
    1. Awesome
    2. Creative
    3. Unique
    4. Random
    5. Loud

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