Hours 5-6: Al Capone Does My Shirts

Hello 5th and 6th Hours!

We are half way through the novel, Al Capone Does My Shirts. Today I’d like you to educate the other classes about the book.

Alcatraz Island

Please tell readers about:

1) The Setting 

2) The Plot

3) The Characters

4) The Conflicts

5) Can you relate to any of the characters?

This book is very popular with students your age. I’m sure that the other classes will hope to read it too!

Please write in complete sentences! :)


Mrs. L :)

37 thoughts on “Hours 5-6: Al Capone Does My Shirts

  1. The setting of the story is in the 1930′s on Alcatraz Island, the prison with the worst criminals in the world at that time.
    The plot is about a boy named Moose who moves to Alcatraz because his sister needs a special school for her needs. He also always has to try and keep away from the warden’s daughter, Piper, and all her risky plans.
    I aslo think I could relate to Moose because he loves baseball just like me.

  2. Im blogging about the conflicts in the book Al Capone Does My Shirts. one of the conflicts is that Moose gets in trouble for the laundry program. Another one is that he cant play baseball on Monday or Tuesday, so Scout is ignoring Moose at school now. Scout is Moose’s only friend right now at the school.

  3. The story Al Capone Does my Shirts takes place in 1935 and takes place on Alcatraz. There are a lot of characters, and here are some just to name a few:Piper, Moose, Natalie, Al Capone, Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan, Del, Scout, the warden, Annie, and lots more. There are multiple plots to. Here is one: Piper and the other children on Alcatraz, including Moose started a laundry service to earn a little extra cash, but then the warden finds out and the kids get busted. You’ll have to read rest of the book to find out. BYE

  4. The setting of this story is on Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco in 1935. The Flanagan family moves to Alcatraz because the father has to work there, he is an electrician and a watch guard. The main characters are Moose, Natalie, Mrs. Flanagan, Mr. Flanagan, Piper, Scout, and the Warden. The conflict of this story is these kids have to live on Alcatraz with a bunch of convicts and at the point we are at they are dealing with a laundry scheme where they take kids clothes for 5 cents and say that the convicts wash them. I can relate to Moose because I like to play baseball.

  5. The book is about this kid named Moose. He moved to Alcatraz because his dad gets a job there and his sister Natalie, who’s a little different, needs to go to a special school. He needs to look after his sister alot of the time so Moose doesn’t really get to have much of a social life. The warden’s daughter, Piper, is endlessly trying to involve Moose in one of her countless schemes. There are three other kids on the island, Jimmy, Annie, and Theresa. They also involved with Piper at times too.

  6. The setting of the story is on Alcatraz in 1935 main character goes to school in San Francisco.
    The main character is name is Moose. He has a sister who 10 (not really) named Natalie and a mom and dad.
    The story is about Moose’s dad gets a job on Alcatraz. Moose meets the Wardens daughter Piper. The Warden tells Moose that he is going to help Piper with her project.
    Moose gets in trouble and he says he didn’t anything but gets in trouble and doesn’t get to play baseball.
    Yes, I can relate to him getting in trouble and not doing anything.

  7. The setting of story is, it takes place on Alcatraz Island, and it is in the 30s. The story is about this family that moves to Alcatraz Island for the dad and the daughter, and their are a bunch of things that happen. The characters are Moose, the son Natalie, the daughter Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan, and a bunch of other people that are involved with the story. One of the conflicts is that the Warden’s daughter breaks one the rule on the island and Moose gets blamed for it. I don’t really relate to any of the characters in the story.

  8. The book Al Capone does my shirts has been a good book so far. The main characters are Moose, Natalie, Piper, Scout, Annie, Thresa, Jimmy, warden, and Del. Moose and Natilie are brother and sister. Natilie has special needs. Piper isn’t the nicest of people. Scout, Annie, Thresa, and Jimmy are all Mooses friends.

  9. The setting takes plays on Alcatraz.Alcatraz is a big prison for the most notorious killers and kidnappers.
    The time takes place in the 1930′s just after the great depression. The plot is a kid and his family moving to Alcatraz because his dad has to work their as a guard.
    The characters are Moose, Natalie, Piper,Scout Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan, Annie, Del and many, many, more.
    The conflicts are Moose and his mom are in an argument about Moose having to watch Natalie and Moose playing baseball.Piper and her friends got caught doing the Laundry Project.
    I cannot relate to any of the characters but i will try.

  10. The setting of the story is 1935 at Alcatraz. The plot is about a boy named Moose,and his dad had to go Alcatraz because he was hired for a job there. Meanwhile Moose gose to school on Alcatraz, and tries to make friends.The characters are Moose,Annie,Jimmy and Piper.

  11. 1)The setting is in the mid nineteen thirties on Alcatraz.
    2)The plot is when the Warden finds out about the Alcatraz Laundry Project.
    3)Some of the characters are Moose, Natalie, Piper, the Warden, Del, and Mrs.Del S. Peabody111.
    4)The conflict is that the Warden finds out about the Alcatraz Laundry Project and he isn’t very mad about it until he finds out that it’s about money.

  12. The setting of the story is on Alcatraz Island in 1935 .
    The plot of the story is about a 12 year old named Matthew Flanagan. His nickname is Moose. He lives on Alcatraz Island with his mom, dad, and sister Natalie. Natalie has special needs. The family had to move to Alcatraz because Moose’s dad got a job there as a security gaurd.
    The characters are Moose, Natalie, Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan, Piper, Scout, Theresa, Jimmy, and Annie. Piper’s dad is the Warden. Piper started to have people pay her to wash there clothes. Everyone thought they were getting their clothes washed by Al Capone.

  13. Hey everyone!
    The Main Characters
    There are many characters in this book. The main character in the story is Moose. Moose is a 12 year old boy who suddenly has to move to Alcatraz because his father got a job as an electrician and a guard. Moose has an older named Natalie who has autism. Their parents thought that it would be strange to have Natalie be older than Moose since she can’t do everything Moose can. So they never change Natalie’s age she has been 10 years old for awhile. This book is very interesting and I think that young teenagers should read this because it shows that you should be able to stick up for yourself.

  14. The setting takes place in 1935 on Alcatraz Island. The story is about a family who moves there because there dad got a job and, because of his sister Natalie who has special needs. The main characters are Moose, Piper, Natalie, Scout, Annie, and Jimmy. Piper and Moose are washing their classmate’s clothes for money.

  15. The story takes place in the 1930′s. At Alcatraz prison. Moose and his family move there because his dad works there and his sister, Natalie, is going to a special school. Moose meets a girl named Piper, Warden’s daughter,Moose thinks she is kind of bossy. I can’t really relate to any of the characters but I really do like this book.

  16. The setting is on Alcatraz Island. The plot is about a kid named Moose who is living on an island with criminals because they are sending his sister to school and his dad also got a job there. His sister, Natalie, is dealing with special needs that she is going to school for. There is a warden with a very snooty and bossy daughter named Piper. The main characters are Moose, Piper, Theresa, Natalie, and Mrs. Flanagan. The conflict is that Moose has to take care of his sister while his mom takes lessons, but Moose also wants to play baseball and it is not working out. I can relate to Moose by getting told to do something that I don’t want to do while having to miss the thing I want to do.

  17. Al Capone does my shirts is about a kid named moose that moved to alcatraz. He moves there so his sister Natalie (who is is great with numbers) can go to school and so his Dad can work. It is a great book ,but dont take my word for it READ IT!

  18. I like this book so far! It is about a boy named Matthew Flanagain, but people call him Moose. He has a dad who works as an electrician and a guard and he works as a guard because there are vicious criminals who sometimes escape and they need people to keep watch of that thats a reason why Moose had to move to Alcatraz. Moose has a mom who is very nice and she has to go to lessons once and a while or else she always home. Then, Moose has a sister Natalie and she is 16 but she acts like she’s 10 and thats what her mom tells her to. Thats all I have to say about the book. :)

  19. This is a really good book so far I love it. But my favorite thing I like about this is the setting I love how it just goes and takes place in the story. It just seems so real like this did happen how it would be if you were actually there when this all happened and takes place now that would be even better to learn and see about.:)

  20. This story is great and interesting. This story takes place on Alcataz Island in San Francisco CA. The Flanagan family moves to Alcatraz because the dad got a job there to be an electrician and a guard. He works really long days. I’d like to encourage the other classes to read it.

  21. The characters in this story are pretty interesting. There is Pieper a girl who thinks she can do whatever she wants because her dad is the warden. There’s Moose the main character in this story who just moved to Alcatraz and is trying fit in. There’s Natalie Moose’s older sister who acts way younger than she is. There’s Mrs. Flanagan Moose and Natalie’s mother who has a tight schedule teaching piano. There’s Theresa a girl whose likes Moose in a kind of secret way. There’s Annie a sweet innocent girl. There’s Jimmy a boy who can’t throw very well and there’s Mr. Flanagan Moose and Natalie’s dad who works extra hours as a prison guard and an electrician to provide for his family.

  22. The setting in Al Capone Does My Shirts is on a island called Alcatraz were Moose and his family has to move cause Moose’s dad got a job there as an electrician and guard

  23. well,the book (obviously) called “al capone does my shirts” and the story takes place on a high security island we know as alcatraz island. where mass criminals are like machine gun kelly,and of course,al capone. the main charecter is moose flanagan. he was moved there because his dad got 2 jobs. electrician,and of course,a security guard. the warden,bea trixle,has a daughter named piper. they both go to the same school.moose lives in apt.2E. moose has a disabled sister named natalie.she goes to a different school,by the name of Esther P. marinoff. the main conflict for moose is to stay out of trouble,really. and i like this book because it has a good story line to it,and since for me,its hard to find a good book,i like this one. and i hope that others will think the same. i recomend to read this book AT LEAST ONCE.

  24. The main characters are Piper, Pipers dad the Warden, Natalie, Moose, Mrs. Flanagan, Mr. Flanagan, Jimmy, Al Capon, the Convicts, Miss. Bimp the teacher, Mr. Purdy, Annie, and Theresa. Those are the characters in the story Al Capon Dose My Shirts

  25. The story Al Capone Does my Shirts is about a family named the Flanagan’s. That moved to Alcatrsz and a kid named Matthew is getting into trouble with the warden all the time. Matthew has a sister that has mental problems, but she is really good at numbers and math problems. The dad works as a prison gaurd and an electritian.

  26. The characters in the story are Moose, Natalie, Annie, Jimmy, Piper, Theresa, Scout, Mooses dad and Mooses mom.
    Moose is the may character in the story.
    Scout is Mooses friend.
    Natalie is Mooses sister.
    Piper is the wardens daughter.

  27. Al Capone is a book about a family that goes to Alcatraz {a prison off the coast of San Francisco. It is the place where all the world’s worst criminals go!} to live because their dad/husband now has a job there as an electrician and a guard. The main characters are Moose, Natalie, Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan, Piper, and the Warden. Moose is a boy about 12 or 13 who now has to live on Alcatraz because his dad got a job there. He loves playing baseball. His sister Natalie is younger then Moose. {In the minds of Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan who say she is 10 years old every year} She has autism and acts like she is 8 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Flanagan are Natalie and Moose’s parents. Mrs. Flanagan teaches piano and Mr. Flanagan works on the island. The warden is the head person at Alcatraz and he enforces the rules. His daughter Piper is Moose’s age and she often breaks the rules. She acts like a little angel around her dad but she isn’t. As you get farther in the story you start reading about Moose’s friend Scout at school. They play baseball together but things happen with Natalie and Mrs. Flanagan so they stop being friends. Moose becomes really sad because now he has no friends except some of the kids at the island. And to make everything worse Moose gets blamed for something he didn’t even do! The warden, his dad, and his mom get really mad at him! Sorry I didn’t write details! I didn’t want to ruin the story for you. Go and read it!

  28. Hi Mrs. Lundquist

    The story takes place at Alcatraz Island.
    This story is about a family that moved to this island because there father got 2 jobs there. They have 2 kids named Matthew and Natilie. Natilie has this disability that she knows what exact button she is missing out of her button box.
    The characters are Natilie Moose (Matthew) Piper the warden the parents. They somtimes talk about Roy Gardner, Machine gun Kelly, and Al Capone. Annie Jimmy, Theresa Mr. Trixle.

    This is as far as i got today because we had to go. :(

  29. This story takes place on a small island called Alcatraz. The story is about a family and they move to Alcatraz because the father got a job there. The two kids go to school but one of the kids has a disorder and she has to go to a different school. The fathers job is a electrition and guard so the prisoners don’t exscape. The characters are Moose, natalie, annie, threasa, scout, piper. I kinda relate to a character because i sometimes play baseball

  30. This book is about a boy named Matthew “Moose” Flanegan. He lives on a island called Alcatrz Island located in the San Francisco Bay. This island has a big jail on it and Matthew’s Dad works as a guard and a electricians. He lives here with his mom, dad, and his sister Natalie, and there are twenty-three other kids who live on the island because there day dads work on the island. And one day Mattew “Moose” his dad is always working, so his dad is never with him and his sister and Moose doesn’t like it at all. Next, Moose gets to go to school the next day and he is kinda scared to go because he hasn’t made any friends yet. Then when he goes to school he meets this kids Scout and he likes the things that Moose likes. They both like to play baseball ect. One day when Moose comes home his mom tells him he has to watch Natalie and he wants to go play baseball with Scout. So, Moose the next day goes and asks Scout if they can change the day to Tuesday and Scout does.

  31. Al Capone does my shirts about a kid named Moose Flanagan and how he has moves to Alcatraz Island because his dad got a job on Alcatraz and so they would be close to Natalie’s school. Natalie is Moose she is disabled and she goes to the Ester. P Marinoff School.

  32. This book is called “Al Capone Does My Shirts”. I ‘am going to try to summarize this story for you. There is a boy named Matthew .His nickname is Moose. Moose lives on Alcatraz Island, an island with the most dangerous criminals on it. Moose has a sister named Natalie. Natalie is really good with numbers. Piper is the Warden’s daughter on the island. She is very bossy, mean and manipulative. Piper talks Moose into helping get kids’ clothes washed by the criminals, but Moose has to watch Natalie every day, because his mom has to teach piano lessons for money. The warden finds out about the kids making money by telling other kids about getting their clothes washed by these famous criminals. Warden is very disappointed in the kids.

  33. The setting is on Alcatraz Island the year 1935. Moose moved there with his family. The main character is Moose who has a very troubled life. There is Natalie who is autistic. There is the mom who is intent on finding a cure for Natalie. The father usually is working or getting pushed around by the mom. The Warden is the boss on Alcatraz Island. Then there is the rest of the kids on the Island who follow the Warden’s daughter, Piper. There is a bunch of conflicts between Moose and pretty much everyone. I can relate to Moose for being blamed for something I didn’t do.

  34. Setting: The setting of this story is on an island named Alcatraz just off the coast of San Fransisco. It’s not the type of island you want to take your family on though. This island is full of the worst criminals in a huge jail! These criminals are the type of criminals other jails don’t want. There are only a few kids on this island, and the ones that are either have a parent as a guard or a cook.
    Plot: The plot of this story is about a boy who has to choose between a sport he loves and watching his sister.
    Characters: The characters of this story are Moose Flanagan, he is in 7th grade, loves baseball, and is very protective of his sister and family. Natalie is Moose’s sister she is older than Moose, but they prefer to say shes younger because of her disability. Piper is the wardens daughter. Scout a boy he met on the island around his age. Mrs. Flanagan is Moose and Natalie’s mother. Mr. Flanagan is their father who is a security gaurd on Alcatraz.
    Conflicts: The conflicts of this story are when Moose’s mom says he can play baseball on tuesdays but then says he can’t because she has to teach piano. The other conflict is dealing with Natalie on this island.
    Relation: No I can’t relate to anyone in this story.

  35. The setting of this story takes place on a little Island called Alcatraz. Alcatraz is a mysterious island filled with convicts and criminals. The island is famous because of the large prison filled with the most heinous criminals.

  36. The setting in the story is on a island a little ways from sanfransico called alcatraz. The plot of the story is where a boy named moose moves to alcatraz,and he starts to make friends with the other people on the island!
    I liked this book because it had a lot of detailand it was a good book to read!

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